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Quality Control equals Quality Appraisals

By AppraiserLoft Team | January 25, 2023

Quality Control Reviews within 10 Minutes

Here at AppraiserLoft, it is our continued desire to attain the highest standards, what we call 'Fanatical!'  With this mindset, we have enhanced our Quality Control process to pave the way for Fanatical Quality Appraisals.

A standard industry request from clients to appraisal management companies (AMC's) is speedy turn around time.  Clients always ask, 'How fast can you get my appraisal completed?'  In trying to satisfy client needs with quick turn around times, an appraisal report's quality is susceptible to compromise.  Not with AppraiserLoft!

AppraiserLoft has actually adopted 'speed' as a tool to help with quality.  Here's how.  Normally, an appraiser uploads an appraisal to an AMC's platform and moves onto the next order in the queue.  Then hours later, if not a day or two later, the AMC returns the 'completed appraisal' to the appraiser for quality review corrections.  By then the appraiser's 'mind set' has moved on.  The appraiser is now being burdened by the 'competed appraisal.'

Instead of hours or days, our appraisers normally receive their appraisal for quality control review corrections within 10 minutes of uploading to our platform.  Appraisers love it.  Why?  They love it because the appraisal is still in the forefront of their brain; therefore, the appraiser normally returns the corrected appraisal to us soon thereafter.

How do we accomplish a Quality Control Review within 10 minutes? It's a hybrid approach of Customized Client QC Integrations, our Proprietary Technology, and QC Staff from 6am - 12 midnight Sunday through Friday.

Implementing such measures is a winning solution for all parties involved.  Appraisers love it because they can truly move onto to their next order.  Clients love it because they get both speed and quality simultaneously.  For us, we love seeing both appraisers and clients fanatically served.

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